BetaMedia - team of professionals to make media better

BetaMedia is a company of true professionals with many years of experience. We have been working for several years, so we know how to cope with all types of situations. We are able to cope with any tasks, we work on a variety of platforms and study the latest technologies constantly. Therefore, if you need to develop a quality product - please contact us.

Development software

Software development is the main specialization of our company. We will create the most suitable and right solution for your business. Our programmers are able to find out what you want, study the subject area and make an ideal program that will be convenient in usage.

Web development

Our company works in the constantly evolving industry of the web industry. We create resources - both simple and dynamic - we work with online applications and cloud technologies. We can create both a corporate portal and a page for clients.

Mobile application

Mobile applications for iOS and Android occupy a large part of the modern market. Games, useful programs that can be launched on a smartphone, databases - without all this it is impossible to conduct a modern business. Each employee should be able to view and process information from anywhere in the world!

BetaMedia - team of professionals to make media better
Who are we?

History of the company

Our company has been working for many years. Once we just got together, deciding that we want to change this world. At that time the situation in the market left much to be desired.

We realized that we want to create something new. We want to create beautiful and convenient programs. We pay equal attention not only to the functionality of the program, but also to its design. Our specialists really love their work!



Sites started


Software product


Mobile application


Satisfied client

Start working on your project today!

Just tell us about your ideas and we will try our best to bring it to life.

What has been done?

Our statistics

We collected statistics of the products developed by us in order not to be unfounded,. We do not like to just talk, but we prefer to operate only with facts and real numbers. If you do not believe us, you can just see how many applications we have developed over the course of our work.

Mobile application
Web development
Software product

Additional services

In addition to the software products listed above, you can also order several additional services from us.

Web design

With us, you can order the development of a design for absolutely any products and platforms.

Web development

The main steps are page layout, client-side and server programming.

Software development

Engineering discipline is an integral part of software engineering, including software maintenance.


Our specialists can test any software products. We will measure any software for bugs, glitches, compliance with the declared functionality.

Cloud technologies

Finally, we can provide you with cloud solutions for your business. We will help you set up a full cloud network for storing and processing data.

Technical support

You can send a request to technical support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in a convenient way for you — by phone or mail.

Quality in the details

Portfolio of the company

If you want to see exactly how we work, just look at our portfolio. We have selected the best samples of developed software products especially for our customers.

Interesting blog

To learn a little more about the world of the IT industry, just read our blog. You can find a lot of interesting information, including our services, there.

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