What is hosting and domain?

What is hosting and domain?

What is hosting and domain?

Quite often, inexperienced users stumble upon strange and incomprehensible words while surfing the Internet. Many experts in the IT field recommend that they "rent a hosting" and "take a normal domain." Today we will tell you what is hidden behind these terms.

What is hosting?

In fact, this term hides a certain "server" where you place your site with code files, pictures, videos and other information. When a person wants to view your site, he actually just visits the computer at a specific address (we'll talk about this later) and looks at what's on it.

You can also place a resource on your personal computer. However, for the site to be available at any time, it must remain permanently on. Of course, this is not easy. Huge electricity bills, fast wear of all components - the decision to keep your resource on your own PC can fly you into a pretty penny.

That's why usually the owners of sites "rent" someone else's PC and a place on its hard drive. This computer is called a "server", and the very service of providing free space on the device - hosting.

Why do I need a domain?

As we have already said it is necessary for the user to make the access free that he has a specific address. You can not go on a visit to a person, not knowing in what street and in what house he lives.

Of course, you can try to connect to absolutely all computers from the worldwide network, but this is a long process. Yet the device will have to commit more than a billion attempts. And how to understand which resource is the official site of Beta Media, for example?

That is why each site on the hosting is assigned a "domain" - its address in the worldwide network. It is divided into two levels: the domain zone and the name itself.

Let's analyze this with a clear example. We will take the address of our site - betamedia.ru. If you look closely, you can understand that it consists of two parts. The first is the postscript "ru". It often speaks about where the sight is located. It our situation it is Russia.

Sometimes they talk about the ownership of a resource to a certain group: commercial international resources, government websites or military pages.

Finally, "betamedia" is the unique "name" of the page. It can be any combination of special characters, letters of the Latin or Russian alphabet, as well as numbers.

Without hosting and domain no resource will exist!

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