What is programming language?

What is programming language?

What is programming language?

Programming is not an easy job, although from the outside it looks like something no more complicated than writing articles. The programmer sits at the computer, typing the code in a special language. However, it is not clear how and why this code is recognized by the computer. Today we will try to explain it to you!

What is a "programming language"?

A programming language is a set of formula and character records that are somehow transmitted to the computer. The algorithms written in the language become for the PC not just information, but clear commands.

Initially, the systems operate in languages ​​of zeros and ones that are not understood by the majority of people. An algorithm is embedded in a language and translates the combination 01010, which is not understandable for many, into any print, outputting or "printing" information to the screen.

What are they like?

Almost all programming languages ​​are divided into several large categories - the so-called "types". If you decide to do programming for general development, then start with the simplest and finish with the most complex, which is able to work on the upper levels of the computer network.

Low-level languages ​​often work directly with computer memory. They are quite primitive, have a small set of built-in functions. Working with such languages ​​is more difficult. Some of them even work with standard "0" and "1" signals.

High-level languages ​​do the bulk of the work for you. The programmer prescribes one simple function of entering a variable, and at this time the computer recognizes the necessary record, allocates space in the computer's memory, gives it a clear reference with the given name and writes down the necessary data there.

Which languages ​​are used most often?

Nowadays, there are many different programming languages. But there are a number of standard languages ​​that almost all programmers know.


  • Pascal;
  • C / C ++;
  • Delphi;
  • JavaScript;
  • Java;
  • Python;
  • PHP.

So if you want to study it, start with something from this series of programming languages. And you will become a really good and highly qualified specialist through time.

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