Why do you need a software design stage?

Why do you need a software design stage?

Why do you need a software design stage?

Any software developer says that it's impossible to create an application without the design phase. This is the process in which the "planning" of the future project is taking place, the choice of used tools, the creation of a scheme for future software. Without this stage, one simply can not work: no one will write a program at random, developing everything in the middle of the process..

Why do we need the design?

First of all, the resulting project is the scheme by which the developers will work. It contains an approximate scheme of the program, the logic by which it will work, the overall development time and even the initial cost, which may change in the process.

During the design phase, specialists determine what the customer wants to see in the final program. The list of modules and functions is determined, in accordance with the task, software tools are defined, if necessary additional programs are purchased in the process.

How to prepare for it?

Before we begin the direct creation of a software project, our company deals with important organizational issues. We are asking you to understand what kind of software the customer wants to receive in the end.

We also analyze your domain, revise what applications already exist, and what is the proper goal. This preparatory phase is called analysis and collection of requirements.

Main stages of design

Usually the design is divided into several important stages.


  • Creation of terms of reference together with the customer;
  • Selection of the main development tools;
  • Drawing of layouts, schemes, definition of logical structures of databases;
  • Checking and approving of the project.

What should be contained in the technical assignment?

To get a really interesting and correct project, it is necessary to create a correct and precise technical task. It should contain a complete description of the future application.

All the necessary time frames, work plans and what and at what time it is necessary to do, are included in the technical task.

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