Software development is rightfully considered to be one of the most prioritized branches of computer programming. A lot of companies lack the necessary functionality of standart programs. It doesn’t respond to their needs fully, and even the powerful 1С isn't so convenient in configuring as desired.

Then it is our turn to assist. Our developers can design, write and test any program on your technical task. We can work with any platforms, therefore we are able to fulfill any of your desires.

What is included among the services?

The concept of “custom software development” is understood by us as a quite complex process of application creation to suit your needs. The price includes the very software and related documentation.

We also can assume the service for a fee. It means that you can appeal to us at any time, and we will add any functions in program and tell about the usage of some kind of capacity.

Corporate applications and desktop software

All programs are traditionaly devided into 2 large groups:

  • Corporate;
  • Desktop.

The corporate software constitutes a huge set of applications, dealing with collection and processing of data, business administration and making decisions according to the certain information.

The desktop software is.a small program that is able to work in a local network but has few functions. It can be both a separate unit and a part of a large network.

If you need to develop a program, just appeal to us. Our specialists will fulfill any of your desires according to the certain technical task!

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