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Why BetaMedia?

Website development

Nowadays the Internet is not only a huge storehouse of information from all corners of the world, but also a powerful Internet marketing tool. Therefore, every self-respecting businessman should acquire a convenient and good Internet resource. Only our specialists can help you in it!

Our services

Our specialists are not narrow masters in a particular industry. They are able to work with any platform and any programming language, including those for web development.

We can develop a full-fledged site, both static and interactive, a web application or even a complex corporate resource with a huge database.

What can we do?

Our advantages

We are not afraid of any difficult tasks. Our results are attractive not only for the customer, but also for the end user. We are not only writing scripts, including for the work with databases, but also creating the main skeleton.

We can do any tasks qualitatively and quickly. At the same time, our services will cost you a very small amount of money.


Additional services

BetaMedia company specializes in creating complex innovative software products and provides a full range of services in the following areas

Web design

With us, you can order the development of a design for absolutely any products and platforms.

Web development

The main steps are page layout, client-side and server programming.

Software development

Engineering discipline is an integral part of software engineering, including software maintenance.


Our specialists can test any software products. We will measure any software for bugs, glitches, compliance with the declared functionality.

Cloud technologies

Finally, we can provide you with cloud solutions for your business. We will help you set up a full cloud network for storing and processing data.

Technical support

You can send a request to technical support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in a convenient way for you — by phone or mail.

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