Desktop applications

Desktop applications

Desktop applications

Desktop applications are user-friendly utilities that allow you to organize the work of the entire team correctly. They work directly on the desktop in connection with other programs. In fact, this is a small program, which often sends you only the information that you need. The main actions take place on the server.

How do desktop applications differ from others?

The term "desktop application" means a program that runs directly on the computer without using third-party software. It usually works right in the window that opens on the desktop.

The office applications, popular messengers or databases, both local and global can be considered as the examples of such programs.

Advantages and Disadvantages of the Web

The desktop program has several important advantages over any online application.


  • It does not need a connection to the Internet;
  • It works fast enough and doesn’t require expensive equipment.

But there are some drawbacks. So, the desktop needs to be installed, it takes up space in the memory of your computer. Also, it is more difficult to configure data transmission over the network, while working with it.

Integration with other services

All modern desktop programs run often on ready-made platforms, working in connection with various servers and services. The majority of procedures is performed on the server, and the client only displays the information.

It can work with other programs.

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