Web application development

Web application development

Web application development

The majority of modern programs work not only on a specific computer, but also operate on data in the network. Therefore web applications have become a full-fledged brunch of the programming industry. Many businessmen order the development of their own software for customers or for their employees’ internal use.

What is a "web application"?

A web application is a program that is divided into a client and a server part. The main data and the logic of the software are located on the server. The client part deals only with the display of the transmitted information.

The user interacts with it by the usage of his own browser. The web application does not even need to be installed on the computer.

What are the main stages of its development?

We divide the development into several basic stages to make the program, perfectly suited to your needs,


  • Analysis of the needs of the customer, end user, field of business.
  • Creation of a prototype application and developing an initial version of its design.
  • Direct application development.
  • Promoting it on the Internet with the help of competent marketing solutions.

What means are used for this?

To make a beautiful program popular with users, we use a lot of the most modern programming languages.

Among other things we use:

  • Java Script;
  • PHP;
  • Microsoft Visual Studio;
  • Microsoft SQL Server;
  • Oracle Database.

How to calculate the cost and timing of development?

You need to state clearly what is the goal to know how long it takes to develop your application and how much you have to pay for it. Describe all your desires so that we could make the right technical task out of it.

Just write to us or call the number on the website. And we will make the best project for you!

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